Nature inspired artists, architects, novelists and poets for centuries. Children do crafts from sticks and leaves at school. Nevertheless, anyone being co-authors with nature is incredible rare thing…

All competitive programs for artists are strictly regulated and do not allow artists truly reveal their creative potential. Their works are tape-measures and evaluated according to the rules if the scene. You may polish your craft skills through such a scheme, but creative power of free mind is much stronger.

The goal of the First International Festival of Root Sculpture is to draw attention to the fact that art and nature are closer than it appears. Globalization, mass production of cute, but impersonal gewgaws fade away in front of art.

When someone can solve a puzzle of the pieces that nature provides – you see an actual magic. Being a part of the birth of such a masterpiece is a priceless experience. You’ll the the world around you in new colours. Today it is important as never before. All the boarders and world news would not matter in front of this action.

Come and see for yourself!


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