RootFest – freedom for creative mind!

World best artists would craft art pieces in association with nature.

Sea shores and river banks save for us treasure roots. And masters craft extraordinary sculptures with these unique pieces. No limits. No rules. Pure art.

In one week. Side by side in one workshop.


You will see them at Root Fest 2017.

  • Ivo Piazza (Italy)
    «Dreamer of Russia»
    Everyone of us has history. Her story is not that important here and now. The moment is captured. She is dreaming and the dream is about Russia...
  • Rolf Doderlein de Win (The Netherlands)
    «Wind of life»
    Dragon is called «Wind of life» in the Netherlands. Legend says he brings life force and lives for centuries. Life of dragonfly on the contrary lasts only for a few days...
  • Rolf Doderlein de Win (The Netherlands)
  • Jeffro Uitto (USA)
    Graceful and powerful spirit bird brings man energy of absolute freedom and power...
  • Jeffro Uitto (USA)
  • Vladimir Almanov (Russia)
    «The Nomad»
    Scythian nomad-spirit travels the world in endless journey. He keeps secrets in his bosom and does not mind sharing them with those who listen...
  • Nikolay Geytman (Russia)
    «The Rubber with Marfa the cat»
    Lots of people know lubber fiends and wood-spirits, but not all of them had heard of rubber. He keeps the heat in a steam room...
  • Pavel Khatilovskiy (Belarus)
    «Wolf hellhound»
    Everyone has inner demons. Mythical three-headed hound guards jaws of Hell, while this Wolf hellhound keeps the way to our inner demons safe...
  • Ilya Mikhryakov (Russia)
    «Temple of Nature»
    This is Year of Ecology in Russia reminder for us, that nature is fragile and it is in need of our protection...
  • Eugeniy Shirochkin & Anton Lytayev (Russia)
    «An Arch to the sky»
    Masters appealed to landscape design. A narrow road passing through a forest goes up the hill and 'reaches the clouds'...
  • Stanislav Bachin (Kazakhstan)
    «Caterpillar— forest spirit»
    Forest is inhabited with a number of spirits. Now Caterpillar has become one of them...
  • Lev Shesternev (Russia)
    «Castle Tower»
    Every home is a castle, which needs to have a tower, from where news are told to the people. This one grows straight from the deep grounds and support the royal decisions with the wisdom of the land...
  • Andrey Koshelev (Russia)
    Pastoral landscape invites to the thought of the imperturbability and equilibrity of the shepherd...
  • Dmitry Bartosh (Belarus)
    «Voice of nature»
    Park is full of life and composition is reflection it. Beavers are slowly grinding trees on the river bench, owls and squirrels, everyone’s here...
  • Ilya Mikhryakov (Russia)


Rootfest 2018 is taking place in Creative Park «Expedition»
(Nikolskoye, Pushkin District, Moscow region).

All tickets are valid till the end of the festival.

Preordered Ticket

600 rubles

After Opening

800 rubles

Family Ticket

1 000 rubles

Сhild Ticket

under 7 years for free


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Nature inspired artists, architects, novelists and poets for centuries. Children do crafts from sticks and leaves at school. Nevertheless, anyone being
co-authors with nature is incredible rare thing…

The goal of the First International Festival of Root Sculpture is to draw attention
to the fact that art and nature are closer than it appears.

You’ll the the world around you in new colours.

Come and see for yourself!

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How to get here?

Rootfest 2018 is taking place in Creative Park «Expedition»
(Nikolskoye, Pushkin District,  Moscow region)

By foot:

Take suburban train from Yaroslavsky Train Station till Sofrino Station.

Than take a cab to Nicolskoye.

By car:

Follow the Yaroslavsky Highway, you’ll see right turn at 50-52 km.

Then turn right to Muranovo. Go strait for 1 km.